Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Next Vacation Spot? Base Camp Bigfoot!

Base Camp Bigfoot is a vacation retreat run by a man named Chris who won't divulge his last name. It's somewhere in the United States, but only a few know its precise location. And all visitors must sign confidentiality agreements promising never to speak about their experiences at the camp.

Why all the secrecy? Well according to this wonderfully kooky website, the woods around Base Camp Bigfoot are home to the legendary ape-man himself. Chris has been studying Bigfoot for over four decades, and he claims to have spotted the creature on countless occasions. He's so confident that visitors will also catch a glimpse of Bigfoot that he offers a money-back guarantee.

The camp does have a few rules, of course. Proper dress is always required. No guns are allowed. And "cussing" won't be tolerated--because Bigfoot doesn't like it.

Unfortunately, Base Camp Bigfoot is fully booked until the Winter of 2008. (Supposedly it's a favorite with celebrities.) How will I be able to wait that long?

(Fabulous artwork by Cate Anevski.)


Anonymous udon't need2knowmyname said...

I ask yet again: WHERE DO YOU FIND THESE THINGS?? I mean really! I wish i could go! Its probably cost a badillion dollars. Cha-Ching:)

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sooooo checking in...

2:33 PM  
Blogger Spring said...

I wonder if it's really bigfoot, or a guy (or gal) in a suit...

4:20 PM  
Anonymous theatre said...

now thats what I call a vacation!!!!

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Nellie said...

I wonder if the echolocation boy you posted about a while ago would be good enough at acting that he could pretend he could see and then say "Hey, I didn't see Bigfoot!"

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kooky, yes. ;)
will we ever know??

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Cate said...

That camp sounds amazing! I checked out the site, and I couldn't even figure out what state it's in. I'll be moving to Oregon this summer, and I can't wait to scour the rain forests for our closest ancestor. I'm a little obsessed with cryptozoology, as you may be able to tell from my work.

P.S.: Thanks for using my artwork to illustrate a post on one of my favorite topics!

2:53 AM  
Anonymous ananka said...

Cate, you are the best!

8:58 AM  

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