Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Just joking. I really enjoyed all the comments, but I figured I better set a few things straight . . .

1. Though I wasn't kidnapped, I was detained by customs officials on my way back from France. Seems they frown on people carrying bones back in their luggage. Who knew? (More on that later.)

2. I humbly beg your forgiveness for not posting. I've been itching to tell you about my misadventures in the catacombs, but I was warned not to say anything more until I was safely out of Paris. One thing I've learned in the past few months--don't screw around with les gendarmes. (OK, more on that later, too.)

3. I'll catch everyone up on the French adventure as soon as possible. C'est tres bon! But for those who've speculated there's another book in the works, you're right. Fortunately, I had a lot of time to work on it while I was stuck in a small, windowless room, questioning the wisdom of smuggling human bones back from France.

4. Kiki and I encourage any efforts to start new organizations around the country. Last I checked, the other 49 states weren't short on people in need of a good butt-kicking. But it's NEVER a good idea to give out your name, email address, or any other information to people you meet online. If you want to start a new group through this site, please comment here, and I will find a way to be in touch.

5. If you start a new blog or website, please make sure to let me know. (I'm trying to visit the ones that have already been mentioned.) I'll try to post a link from my site. (By the way, I love the new look, too! And there's much more to come.)

6. My not-so-ghostwriter, Kirsten Miller, has rarely been photographed in public. (Good try, though.) However, numerous poems have been written extolling her unusual beauty and uncanny charm.

7. Kirsten Miller said she's married? Perhaps she was attempting to throw people off her trail—and I’ll state for the record that I’ve never known her to make a clichéd statement of any kind.

8. A giant squid was recently filmed by Japanese researchers. This photo is definitely the best I’ve ever seen!

9. Alexxis and cosimacat (thanks theatre), if you live in New York, you’re officially invited to join the Irregulars.