Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beyond Spoon Bending

I must have been around ten years old when I first became fascinated by the phenomenon known as telekinesis. For centuries, some people have claimed to possess the ability to move or alter objects using only their minds. (Oddly enough, bending spoons seems to be the most popular way to use one's telekinetic powers.) Unfortunately, most displays of telekinesis have been exposed as hoaxes. And I'm sad to report that, despite my best efforts, I've never been able to use my mind to levitate the rats that scamper about the subway tracks.

But just the other day, I came across the video below. It shows an elderly Chinese man moving objects without touching them. Though the audio is not in English, I think the video is impressive enough without it. See if you agree.


Blogger Lady Dahlia said...

I love telekinesis! It's one of the reasons Raven is my favorite Teen Titan. If I had powers and/or genetic mutations, I'd want telekinesis and wings. Why can't any cool stuff like that be real? :P

5:58 PM  
Blogger falcon said...

I want wings!!

That was a coolio vid.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous Undiscovered Universe said...

That is sooooo cool!
Lady Dahlia: I would want to fly too! And, well, a lot of other things, but I'm to lazy to list them. :)

6:28 PM  
Blogger Kitty said...

I can understand it!! XD Ignore that... That guy would be a cool grandpa!

7:46 PM  
Anonymous KieL said...


OMG! another severed foot was found in Richmond, British Columbia!!! ITS MURDER I TELL YOU!

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, I think that he's just a skilled magician.

9:06 PM  
Anonymous greenleaf said...

I can read your mond your thinking of telekinesis.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous liltomboyblue... wow this is cool and the first time i have used this setting! said...

It looks like he is using a Thai Chi. Thai Chi focuses on energy, and using the strength you posses to your advantage, like Kiki does when she is fighting. It also involves using your opponents power, strength, and energy against him. It's really quite beautiful, I could have a man twice my size on the ground in seconds. Here is the Wikipedia article:
It's not the most acurate, but it's ok.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous IDHSCB said...

Wei so mo ta yao jiao?
Why does he have to yell?

That does look pretty cool, and fake, or not, it's still pretty cool.

6:27 PM  
Anonymous eternal espionage said...

I like how all of the water sloshes out of the dish when he pushes it... it all seems really dramatic to me. Just watch his expressions :D

11:12 PM  
Blogger Kitty said...

Idhscb: I think 'cuz he focuses his "power" by yelling...

11:29 PM  
Anonymous Irregular Kiki said...

Lady Dahlia and Undiscovered Universe: I also want to fly! Have you read Maximum Ride by James Patterson?

12:37 AM  
Blogger liltomboyblue11;) said...

I meant to say: 'Thai Chi techniques'

10:45 AM  
Anonymous ss (maxmaxmaxmaxmax) chick said...

i want wings too. then i want to go steal fang from max. lolz. i love telekinesis, too, and as much as i want it to be true, i must ask two questions. one, why was there a long table cloth? and two, what was he doing to his stomache?

irregular kiki: I LOVE MAX!!!!!

7:46 PM  

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