Friday, July 20, 2007

It's Superhero Friday!

I thought I should probably add a more cheerful post after the last one. So here's a fabulous list of 9 superhuman powers made possible by modern technology, which include flying, being invisible, and scaling walls Spiderman-style!

I'll even add a few of my own . . .

#10 The power to leap from airplanes without a parachute (and survive, of course).

#11 The power to ride the subway bat-style (and freak out your fellow passengers).

#12 The power to control objects with your mind.

Interested in saving the world? Read more about real-life superheroes here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cool. We can all be superheros now!!!

My secret identity name will be 'The Book Worm.'

7:36 PM  

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