Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Man in the Bow Tie

Last night, after the man in the bow tie went to bed, I checked the footage from the cameras Luz had placed in the hidden tunnel under the man’s apartment building. Around 10:50, a glowing figure had entered the tunnel and opened the door to the building’s laundry room. At 11:15, the figure had returned, moving in the opposite direction. I should have been paying better attention. It was pure luck that I looked out the window when I did.

This morning, DeeDee and I visited the mastermind's building. Using the names written next to the apartment buzzers, we jotted down a list of the people who live in the five apartments on the fifth floor. Then, with the help of a Columbia faculty directory, we began the process of elimination. Two of the last names on our list belong to women. One belongs to DeeDee’s biology professor, whom she assures me would never be caught wearing a bow tie. The fourth person listed is in jail for reckless driving.

That leaves Dr. Lyle Mayhew, professor of organic chemistry at Columbia University.


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