Thursday, May 11, 2006


It’s just past eleven o’clock, and I think I’ve made an unbelievable breakthrough. I was just studying for a history exam when I glanced out my window. There, in an apartment on the fifth floor of the building across the street, I spied two men talking. One of them seemed to be faintly glowing. At first I thought that my eyes might be malfunctioning. In the past four hours, I’ve consumed enough coffee to kill Juan Valdez and his mule. But now that I’ve turned off my light, I can see that the glowing man matches DeeDee and Kiki’s description of the man in the library. He’s eating a fudgesicle and listening to an older man who's wearing a bow tie.

The man in the bow tie just threw a sheet over a chair and the dirty, bearded man has taken a seat. The beard has handed a backpack to the bow tie. Bow tie has looked inside and seems pleased. He’s giving beard a glass of yellow liquid. Wine? Lemonade? Mountain Dew? Beard just dropped his fudgesicle on the carpet. Bow tie hasn’t noticed. He’s pulling books out of the backpack. Now he's unrolling some papers. I'm pretty sure they're maps!

Bow tie has stood up and is patting beard on the back. Bow tie just said something and beard is finishing his drink. Bow tie is walking beard to the door. Beard is gone and bow tie just noticed the fudgesicle. He’s wiping at the carpet with a wet paper towel. Oh my god, I just identified the mastermind behind the thefts!


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