Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grooming Secrets of the 17th Century

(Above: But how did he get such a beautiful smile?)

You know what I've been looking for? An instrument that will help me get rid of all that pesky ear wax--AND keep my teeth clean! I thought I might have to search forever until I came across this story yesterday.

Seems divers searching a 385-year-old shipwreck off the Florida Keys have discovered the device of my dreams. The combination toothpick/ear wax spoon is three inches long and made from an once of pure gold. It sank with its well-groomed owner to the bottom of the sea in 1622, when a hurricane destroyed the Spanish galleon Santa Margarita.

Snicker all you want. According to experts, the dainty device (shown below) is worth around $100,000.

PS: Whatever you do, NEVER search for pictures of ear wax. I did, and think I might need to lie down now.


Blogger Kitty said...

XD A tooth pick ear wax spoon? How did you find that Ananka??

12:42 PM  
Blogger Kitty said...

Oh yeah, around the B.C. era when the kings and Queens ruled in the Middle East, they used pigeon dung mixed with color to dye their hair. That's what I heard.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous sekrit7 said...

That is sooo cool!
Kitty: I don't want to know how you found that out XD, just kidding, thats cool!

2:00 PM  
Blogger Invisible Turtle said...

There is a place (in Japan, I think) where you can get your ears cleaned and watch. All of the tool has a built-in camera and various attachments. I saw a video of someone getting their ears cleaned, and it was disgusting.

3:43 PM  
Blogger FN da World Dictator said...

Well, people are using dinosaur dung for bracelets! NOWADAYS!! Even I used dead bugs to make a necklace (it broke when I wore it. It looked so cool)

5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh eew.

how do you find things like this????

also, don't search 'fat dudes'

i read that on mysterie's blog.

she deleted it now.

8:01 PM  
Anonymous elizz said...

yeah, i see looking at earwax is scary

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Girlskickbutt!!! said...

I have a friend who has a house in the Keys. Unfortunately we visited St. patty's day week.(my friend named Patty's birthday is on that holiday, weird huh?)

Bat dung is in mascara and fish scales are in lipstick.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous sekrit7 said...

Anonomous: I'm Mysterie, I just changed my name. I didn't delete the blog, I wanted to move it over to this account but I couldn't figure out how. It's still there, I'll get you the site if you want.

7:24 PM  
Anonymous ss chick said...

no comment.

except the comment that i have a comment because even though i said no comment i had to comment that.


6:55 PM  
Anonymous Forrester said...

I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry but i looked up earwax images......*shudder*

5:33 PM  

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