Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tired of All That Pesky Junk Mail?

Looking for something to do with the unwanted envelopes and catalogs that clutter your mailbox? You could recycle all that unnecessary paper into lovely tree ornaments and origami (shown above). Or you could take a slightly less . . . artistic approach.

I don't necessarily recommend this ingenious junk mail solution. Let's just say that I find it very . . . interesting.


Blogger Kitty said...

XD ROFL! I gonna do that!

2:03 PM  
Anonymous dangerous said...

If i get my hands on a brick, i'm totally mailing it!

5:05 PM  
Blogger Spring said...

Awesome. I want to do that! The thing with dirty underwear was funny.

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very funny. Those companies should get what they deserve.


5:56 PM  
Anonymous Sekrit7 said...

And, I'm also going to get an account at Greendimes (It's only 20 dollars, which is way less then a penny per day! And it gets rid of ALL your junk mail. It doesn't sound that impressive when I say it, but check out these websites about it:



PS The oragomi thing is AWESOME!

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Kiel said...


7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, thats awesome. Just imagine their faces when they open up a package and see a brick. Talk about anticlimax.


4:58 AM  
Anonymous Hania said...

i like it!

5:01 AM  
Blogger International Mastermind said...

If only you could use that for stankin telemarketers. Ameriprise calls every night during dinner!

6:22 AM  
Anonymous davinakay said...


6:49 PM  
Anonymous ss chick said...

this kid i know would love to spend hours eating tofu and making oragami out of junk mail. I'll have to tell him to do so.

12:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! cool i will do ut sometime. when will the third series come out?

3:18 PM  
Anonymous jjheymama14 said...

wow! how do u do that?

7:50 PM  

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