Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another Shadow City?

"It started with an ever-expanding sinkhole ... and led to an excavation this spring that revealed an underground complex of brick chambers with vaulted ceilings."

Sound familiar? Last month, the New York Times published a fascinating article about an underground "world" that was recently discovered in a wooded area near Ossining, a village 30 miles north of New York City.

Earlier this year, construction crews had just broken ground on a new condominium development when they were suddenly forced to abandon their work. They had unwittingly uncovered a series of twelve large, underground rooms that are believed to date from the mid-19th century. At first many thought that the complex was little more than an old storage facility. But experts now say that the craftsmanship used to build the chambers suggests a far more important purpose. What that purpose may have been is still anyone's guess.

Adding to the excitement are reports that there may be other chambers and tunnels beneath the town that have yet to be discovered.

According to the Times, residents of Ossining (which is also home to the infamous Sing Sing prison) have been visiting the "forgotten" chambers for decades. Many of them are now battling the developers, hoping to permanently halt the construction that would destroy the subterranean complex. Unless they're successful, we may never learn the secrets of Ossining's hidden chambers.

Read the original New York Times article here.


Anonymous ss chick said...

that is so amazing and cool! how come kiki didnt find it first?wow.....

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Anonymous kikistriketotalFAN!!!!! said...

OMG, wow!!! thatz sooo awesome!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

AMAZING! right after I read the book this comes up!! Sooo totally awesome.

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