Thursday, April 19, 2007

Electric Shoes

The Guardian is reporting that a Swedish hospital may soon ban employees from wearing the rubber clogs known as Crocs--and it isn't because the shoes are so mind-bogglingly ugly. Instead, authorities are worried that Crocs might be deadly. The hospital suspects that static electricity generated by the clogs has already led to several respirator malfunctions. A hospital spokesman even suggested that large numbers of employees wearing the slip-ons could "turn into a cloud of lightening!"

On a related note, there have been reports of "electric humans" whose bodies produce unexplained sparks. (Although I should probably point out that most scientists reject the idea.) More on the phenomenon--and handy tips for those who suspect they might be "electric"--can be found here.


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Anonymous Ananka said...

Hey Kendall,

Glad you're back! I accidentally erased your last 2 posts. (Sorry!) So write back if you're still around. I especially liked the one you sent about the shoes.

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Blogger falcon said...

awsome i hate crocs!

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