Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Freeing Mayhew's Zombies

This morning, the Irregulars sent copies of Dr. Mayhew's diary to the New York Police Department and the New York Times, along with an anonymous account of the events we’ve personally witnessed.

Once that was done, Kiki and I visited Dr. Mayhew’s two new assistants. (Whose names I’ve decided to keep secret for now.) The first we found in Washington Square Park, just outside of the New York University Library. She was napping on a park bench, an empty box of Krispy Kreme donuts crushed beneath her. Her mouth was covered in donut glaze, and her clothes were smeared with crème filling. We delivered her to St. Vincent’s hospital with a note (written by DeeDee) pinned to her dress, which described in detail the drug she’d been given.

Thanks to Luz’s surveillance equipment, we captured the second of Mayhew’s new victims in the tunnels underneath Columbia. He had just returned from the library, and his pockets were crammed with old maps and damp pieces of string. We escorted him to the university’s student clinic, a similar note tucked into his pocket.

Now, while we wait for Dr. Mayhew’s arrest, we’re keeping him under close surveillance. My shift begins in ten minutes; so don’t expect an update until tomorrow morning.


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